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This MINI Roll-Out Shuffleboard Court is Made of Poly Vinyl in the USA, measures 27 feet long and 4-1/2 feet wide.

An extra 6 feet for the approach is needed for each end of the shuffleboard court equalling approximate 39 feet total. Regulation (Resort) size cues and discs are used on this MINI SIZE Roll Out Court. You can roll it out on your driveway, porch, patio, garage, basement, tennis court, gynasiums, church halls or any other flat area. This court comes with a How To Play/ Rule Book and a Bead Wax to shake on onto the court.

They are not intended to be exposed to the sunlight continuously day after day after day. When you are finished playing, we recommend that you roll it back up and put it back into the box it came in and then roll it back out when you decide to play again. The UV rays from the sun, in time, will break down the poly vinyl. We suggest that you roll it back up when finished playing, it will last you years and years with reasonable care! It will lay flat without doing anything, however, if you do have a windy day, or would just feel better to have it secured, you would want to purchase a roll of 1-1/2 blue contractors tape at Home Depot or any local Hardware store and only tape the two short ends. There is no need to tape for full length unless you do find that it is so windy that the whole court starts to blow, but if that were to happen, that really would mean that it is too windy to even play shuffleboard!

>>>Shown are two roll out courts next to each other. We are sorry for the poor picture, a new picture will be coming soon. The court is White with Green lines & numbers,

**RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR USE, if used outside, With either application, we recommend that it be rolled back up after playing is completed.

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Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 in


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